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Consumer Product Honorees for the 2016 Design Awards

Consumer product design has a simple mission: to give the people what they want. To successfully navigate this mission, however, designers must travel complex avenues. Every factor must be considered—visual engagement, environmental impact, manufacturing cost—in order to appeal to the broadest array of consumers. Ultimately, designing a consumer product is about creating a luxury that feels like a necessity to the target audience. With this in mind, we asked our Consumer Product category entrants for, "final products designed specifically for individual use across a variety of environments and purposes, including but not limited to home, work, leisure, sporting, health and hygiene."

The Jury Captain for our Consumer Products category this year was Jon Marshall, Director of Design at MAP. Joining him on the Consumer Products Jury Team was Emily Brooke, CEO and Founder of Blaze, Heather Martin, Vice President of Design at Smart Design, and Hyuntaik Lim, Product Director at Samsung Design Europe.

In explaining the judging criteria, Heather Martin told us, "Sometimes I found myself questioning whether the product really was the answer to a problem that was existing in the world. Some of the entries produced a product, and we questioned as the judges: Is that really necessary? Could it be in another way? Could it be done through software? Through a phone? Maybe we don't actually need the product, it doesn't need to exist. So we asked ourselves a lot of questions around 'are we just adding more clutter to the world?'"

Addressing the work overall, Jury Captain Jon Marshall praised: "The quality of the work was just incredible and the communication of the work and the photography of the work was better than I'd seen in previous judging experiences."

Core77 would like to express our deepest gratitude to the entire Consumer Product Jury Team for recognizing the following projects: