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Consumer Product Honorees for the 2016 Design Awards
Consumer product design has a simple mission: to give the people what they want. To successfully navigate this mission, however, designers must travel complex avenues. Every factor must be considered—visual engagement, environmental impact, manufacturing cost—in order to appeal to the broadest array of consumers. Ultimately, designing a consumer product is about creating a luxury that feels like a necessity to the target audience. With this in mind, we asked our Consumer Product category entrants for, "final products designed specifically for individual use across a variety of environment......
Furniture & Lighting Honorees for the 2016 Design Awards
Each and every day we interact with furniture and lighting extensively, often taking for granted the careful detail and precision that go into designing these products. Most of our days are spent in a piece of furniture, while most of our nights are illuminated by lighting fixtures—yet we rarely consider how crucial a role these designs play in our lives. Comfort, beauty, creativity and subtlety are the foundations for inspiring furniture and lighting design. Appropriately, all are considered for our Furniture & Lighting category, in which we ask for, "furniture and lighting products ......
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