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Our Value Added Services

  • Global Sourcing 

Our supplier relationships have always been based on trust

The volume and variety of our products ensure the ZOKKIN is a reliable supplier for trade and retailers.Our long-standing and positive relationships with suppliers and manufacturers enable us to procure various quantities of high quality products to meet different customer needs.

 Further Global Sourcing services include:

· Developing products

· Selecting producers

· Managing suppliers

· Merchandising

· Controlling production and projects

· Assuring quality

· Managing logistics

· Financing


  • Product development

We are an original thinker in terms of new and exciting products


We enjoy improving existing ways of doing things or discovering something completely new.

If a product idea has been accepted, we choose the most strategically suitable producers. We make sure samples are ready and sent on time, check the level of quality and meet all the agreed requirements. These include client-specific, statutory rules and regulations and social standards.


Further product development services include:

· Sampling

· Developing prototypes

· Defining product specifications

· Auditing and testing


OEM Service